Download our latest album. It's called "UP UP UP WITH MY HEART". You may as well, we're not charging you for it! Seriously though, go get it. You'll either love it, really really love it, or think it's really really really choice. Those are your only options. So click on the 'MUSIC & LYRICS' header in the menu and follow the light to the end of the tunnel.

So we're just two normal/semi-normal people who love God, love music, and we try to record music that doesn't bring the tears (the bad pain-enduced kind....good tears are very much encouraged). We don't have much music to offer you as of this very second we type, but keep checking back and we may take some time to record some more. Technology is such a beautiful thing that we could write a song and people all over the place can listen to it. Or they can not listen to it which is what we call freewill. And freewill is......well, we'll save that for another post.


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We are Bjorn (pronounced b-yorn) & Tara (pronounced terra) Bennett. We come from different necks of the woods you might say (New Zealand & Kentucky, USA)... Kia Ora and Yeeee..haw! We love music and songwriting, but more importantly and intentionally we love God. Our passion is to create music that captures a bit of what our hearts discover about Him & then to rave about it! It's just the way it usually happens! He is the inspiration and the motivation for the songs we write, even the air that we breathe. Breathing never tasted so good!

As of this very second that we pen these words, we have managed to build and glue together some songs to form our first album titled 'UP UP UP WITH MY HEART'. Cool title aye? These songs were written in different places, at different times, and even in different countries. Some songs were written directly to God and other songs written about Him. And dare I say, some songs are even about us! But don't worry, only 8 of the 11 of those songs are self-indulgent (just kidding!)

Our love for penning songs & writing melodies runs deep. We also have a heart of worship & a desire to see the church as a whole become everything it is intended to be. As worship leaders, we love and desire to see God worshipped freely with honour and adoration by people who are in Love with Him. We also love seeing the transformation that happens in the hearts of people when they invite God to be God in their lives.

So there you have it. That's us in a nutshell. Go on and make your way over to the music page and download our greatest album yet! We hope you enjoy it. Most of all, we hope you hear God's voice in all that is said and done.

And one more time for the road....... Kia Ora and Yeeee..haw!

- Bjorn&Tara



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Released June 10th, 2011
Copright © 2011 Yellow Lantern Music

Our Latest & Greatest Album which coincidentally is our ONLY album is entitled 'UP UP UP WITH MY HEART' and is available to download now! It contains 11 tracks we have written, performed and produced together with an ounce of determination and a dose of sweat. But we haven't placed a price on the album so that both the rich & the broke (who like us have already spent all their money on music) could own it!

If you enjoy it, then feel 'FREE' to keep it (Oh yeah, we've got jokes too). And if you're feeling generous, you can even pay what you think it is worth through the donate button.

To download the album, click the 'download' button above to begin. It will download a .zip file containing the songs and the artwork.


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